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Updated: Nov 16

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Celebrating You Masterclass

Our latest service perfect for re-creating event-ready hair and makeup looks throughout this holiday season. Secure your spot here!

Our latest beauty article: Say Sí to Radiance for simplified complexion makeup tips!

Review & receive your $20 voucher Click here

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Book in your makeover for your next special event here

We come to your location for all your special occasions:
Super Modelo Package- for school ball
Bonita Bride Makeover- great for bride only makeup and hair
Bonita Bridal Reinas Package- great for the whole bridal party
Makeup Your Way Makeup Lesson
Bonita Beauty Routine for your personalised skincare and makeup routine!

Live outside of Auckland or want to go virtual from the comfort of your location? We can assist you with👇🏼
Makeup Your Way Online Lesson

photography by Lisa Monk Photography

Shortcut your way to your personalised skincare routine. Read our latest article 'Speedy Skincare Routine'

Struggling to apply your lashes? Read our article 'Lash & dash with strip lashes'

Your Wedding Day Makeover from skincare, to hairstyling and makeup sorted! Read about all the inclusions and details here
Sneak Peak clip of The Bonita Bridal Reinas package

Save yourself thousands of dollars on beauty products and the hours of confusion at the beauty store. Have us pick out your Skincare and Makeup that best suit you with our Bonita Beauty Routine

Makeovers to suit every special occasion, from birthdays, to engagement parties, to anniversaries, to photoshoots, and everything in-between. We’ll embrace your unique features and capture your dream look! Click here for the details.

Learn Makeup How-to's by Going Live with Sarai, click here 👉🏼 Go LIVE

Confused on how to do your own makeup? Got lots of Makeup questions? Sit back and relax because we’ll show you the way. We’ll show you how to get all the basics right and customised to your needs and wants. Book now!

Read about: Skincare

Learn How-to: Naturally heal acne without spending tons of money! Watch me talk through my own adult acne journey through frustrations to solutions.

Get the info on how to prep your skin for a new Season.

To know what Skincare products would suit you, first you need to learn what your skin type is and how to care for your skin type.

Get in the know and be wowed by the biggest and most believed skincare myths.

Read about: Makeup

Learn How-to Find Your best foundation match. It's essential in having your makeup look natural and continuous from face- body!

How-to create a Minimalist Eyeshadow look that works from the office to the weekend with only 3 products!

Learn the tricks on how-to do wing liner no matter what eyeshape you have!

Cut through all the Makeup "bests" by knowing exactly what type of makeup products to buy for your Makeup Bag👌🏽 click here.

Read about: Wellness

You are not alone: I share how I get through life challenges and my journey through finding my happiness. We are in this together!

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