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Minimalist Eye Makeup

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Why complicate makeup when it can be simple, fun, and naturally you! For those who want minimalistic yet done-up, keep reading.

Focusing on natural eye makeup for an easy effortless makeup look. Which can be used for day or night- you decide. What's important is knowing what brush techniques to use and how, what eyeshadow colours to use and where to place them. I'm here to empower you with the knowledge of being your own makeup artist.

All areas covered

- What eyeshadow to use

- How to apply eyeshadow

- Where eyeshadow placement should be

- What tools and products to use

Only 3 products needed: 
1. Eyeshadow primer (recommend tinted)
2. Eyeshadow palette (a couple of shimmers, a few mattes) 
3. Double-ended brush with a fluffy side and a flat side 

Shadows for all skin tones

Mattes (transition)

Fair/Light skin tone- neutral tone browns, think mushroom, ashy browns, taupe

Medium skin tone- warm medium browns, think copper, bronze, light chocolate brown

Deep skin tone- darker browns, think rich chocolate, reddy browns

Mattes (definition/darkest point)

Fair/Light- a darker verison of neutral browns as suggested above, think dark grey

Medium skin tone- warm dark browns, think rich chocolate, reddy/orange dark browns

Deep skin tone- brown blacks, think warm tone black with a red/ orange hint


Fair/Light skin tone- pearl, rose gold, champagne pinks, mauve

Medium skin tone- copper, light bronze, gold

Deep skin tone- bronze gold, copper, warm light browns

The Steps & Technique

1. Eyeshadow Primer.

Tinted eyeshadow primer is a must to brighten and even the eyelid skin tone, covering veins and discolouration. No concealer or foundation needed to be applied on eyelids. Put 2 dots then blend it out from the top lash line to under the brows and past the outer corners of the eyes.

2. Use a matte medium brown shadow.

This will be your transition eyeshadow, in between the darkest eyeshadow colour and the shimmer eyeshadow. When applying the transition eyeshadow look straight ahead after you have put a small about of eyeshadow on the fluffy brush. Wiggle into the crease of your eye with short side-to-side motions. Then move to your outer corner with small circular motions. Be sure to have a light-handed pressure on the brush, holding the brush further back will help. Having a light pressure means no harsh lines. The aim is to have the eyeshadow blended seamlessly, with no defined lines.

3. Apply the dark brown or black shadow. Totally optional!

FYI: Less is more, it is always easier to add than to take away with makeup.

Looking straight ahead place the shadow at the outer corner of the eye and just above the top lashline. With a window wiping motion, move fluffy brush into the crease of your eye (where the eyeball rounds off into your eye socket). Stopping the window-wiping motion 1/2 away from the inner corner of the eye. Re-dip the fluffy brush into the first shadow to blend out the darkest shadow. Pat off any excess on the back of your hand. Be mindful of where your hand is holding the brush, always further out. Now focus the fluffy brush on where the shadow ends (closest to your brows and towards your temples), blend the outer edges with a softer pressure, the brush should barely touch your skin.

4. Shimmer.

Flip the brush around to the flat top side. Pat the brush against the shimmer. FYI only pat one side of the brush on the shimmer to prevent fall out. Pat off excess on the back of your hand. Pat the flat top brush on the inner corner of the eye and follow the top lash line to 1/2 across the eye, then up towards the eye crease and stop just below your eye crease. Flip brush around to the fluffy side and blend out the edges of the shimmer.

5. Lower lashline love.

To give a continuous and balanced eye makeup look, add a small amount of medium brown and dark brown/black eyeshadow starting from the outer corner of the eyes. First, squeeze the fluffy brush to make a flat wide shape. Pat the brush into the first shadow used. Wiggle the brush along the lower lash line as you go towards your inner corner. Stop 2/3 of the way in. Re-dip brush into the darkest eyeshadow used (dark brown/ black). Wiggle brush towards the eyes inner corner. Stop 1/3 of the way in. Wipe off the brush on the back of your hand and go into the outer edges of the shadow to blend out.

The technique is key. Once you gain the confidence on how to move your wrist and how much pressure to apply to your brush, you'll get quicker at doing your eye makeup.

Time to tidy up... The most ideal want to tidy up eyeshadow fall out (all other little bits that have drop down under eyes). No makeup remover needed!

Options to complete the look!

The power is in your hands. Choose which way you want your look. Wingliner or not!

Here's how the options look.

Need more help? Book in a Makeover Lesson with me!

I would love to hear from you, comment below with what you'd like me to share with you.

With practice comes growth.

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