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Help! What's my skin type?

Updated: May 5, 2020

It's the number one skincare question.

Whether you're looking to purchase skincare online or in a beauty store knowing your skin type helps find what skincare to use. It also helps narrow down all the product options out on the market.

What is a skin type?

A skin type is how your skin acts on a daily bases. It tends to have characteristics that can be picked up on when observed. For example, by midday your nose tends to get oily, or you notice your skin tends to always feel tight unless you layer up your moisturiser.

Take a little time in the morning and when you get home from work to have a quick look at your skin, is it showing you the same signs every day? And how does it feel when you touch it? Dry and tight? Oily? Smooth?

There are 4 main skin types.

Let's find your skin type! Grab a mirror and assess your skin.

Are you a Dry skin type chica? Having a dry skin type means your skin feels especially dry after you wash it. You might see flakiness. You'll see that your skin looks tight. You don't see any visible pores. You don't see any shine on your skin throughout the day. Your skin flushes easily and you may see some of your blood vessels. Foundation, concealer appears flaky or creases easily and can disappear by the end of the day.

Are you an Oily skin type chica? Oily skin speaks for itself. If you've got oily skin you can easily see the oils sitting on top of your skin and it can especially look shiny on your nose, forehead, chin, or cheeks. You have visible pores on your T-zone and/or cheeks. You find your foundation moves and slides off throughout the day. You tend to get breakouts. But a definite pro with oily skin is that it takes longer to get wrinkles- yay!

Are you a Combination skin type chica? Combination means you have a mix of oily and dry skin types in different areas of your face. You're normally oily in the T-zone and your cheeks tend to be dry- not producing as many oils as your T-zone. You have some visible pores in your t-zone. You may get occasional breakouts. Your foundation slips off your nose or t-zone area but your cheeks don't get shiny.

Are you a Normal skin type chica? This skin type is coined "normal" because it has an even amount of oil distributed throughout your whole complexion. Your pores are close to invisible unless you're looking for them with a 20x magnifying mirror! Your makeup tends to stay on well throughout the whole day. And you have a healthy-looking glow at the end of the day, meaning your complexion oils have shined through a bit.

Skin types are also known to change depending on diet, mediation, environment, stress, hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy.

Did you know? 
- Your skin is your body largest organ 
- The top layer of your skin is called "Epidermis".
- Skincare can mostly only penetrate the top layer. There are few skincare products that go deeper than the epidermis layer. 

Do you have a question for me? Or is there something you'd love to know more about? Absolutely go ahead, log in and comment. Looking forward to reading them all!

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