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Are you a Bonita Bride?

Updated: Jan 17

The Bonita Bride Experience is more than a makeover, it's the dream wedding day pamper package that will whisk you away!💕

Be treated like the queen you are with our fully personalised Bonita Bride package Starting with our 4 step skin prep inclusive of our luxury 2 minute facial with LED light therapy, long-lasting bridal makeup, hair-styling of your choice, veil application, wedding-day touch-up kit, and the list goes on!

This package is for...

  • Brides who want to know they're getting quality! From service to products use in your bridal makeover.

  • Brides who want to save on time by dealing with only one beauty expert.

  • The minimalist Bride who wants to look fresh, radiant and naturally enhanced.

Let's talk you through the Bonita Bride experience

First things first.


Skincare is key to your Bridal makeovers looking divine, from dawn to dusk. Your makeup will not only look smoother and radiant but ultra long-lasting (16 hours plus!). Skincare will also keep your makeup feeling light and comfortable.

Think of skincare as the building blocks to your makeup look.

The Bonita Artistry way

Being in the beauty industry for over 17 years we have curated a shortlist of questions to ask you about your skin type, skin concerns, and what you are currently using. You'll receive your very own customized skincare routine to give you the real results before your wedding day!

Skincare preferences? Allergies? No worries! We'll adjust the products and brands to suit you.

Makeover, Takeover

We capture your dream makeover by tailoring it to you; your face shape, eye shape, and preferences. It's what we specialize in.

We work together in finding which makeover you'll fall in love with by using specific questions to narrow it down.

Photography by Melissa from @nectar_photography

Here are a few I'll ask you:

Describe how much makeup you wear daily? 

How much makeup would you wear on a special occasion? 

What kind of feeling would you like your makeover to give you? Confidence? Elegance? Carefree?

We finalize the look by arranging a 90-minute Bridal Look Preview (also known as a Makeup Trial) at least a week before your special day. Here we'll chat about the rundown of the makeover durations for the wedding day. You'll receive our face chart with a record of skincare, makeup, and hair care products used. This allows you to recreate your Wedding day makeover yet again, or know what products to get on your next beauty spree!

Quality is key.

We have a wide range of quality branded products, from the luxe ByTerry, Chantecaille, and YSL. To the favorites, such as; Too Faced, Urban Decay, Nars, and Laura Mercier.

Pssst! We also include: Long-wearing, flash-back free, contouring, and false lashes in The Bonita Bride package

Makeup Preferences? No worries!

If you have a favorite brand, preferred ingredients, allergies, or want cruelty-free, we got you! With an array of products and brands we carry. Not only do we tailor it to your skin type and face shape. We ultimately take customization to a whole new level and tailor it to your faves, lifestyle, and beauty philosophy- love!

Hair with your kind of Flair

Customization continues with finding the hairstyle you love and are completely obessed with. We'll match your hairstyle to fit your wedding dress, makeover and wedding day activities.

To find your dream hairstyle I'll ask you questions like: 

What's your favourite hairstyle that you do on yourself? 

What do you want your hair to have more of? Volume? Smoothness? Silkiness? 

Bonita Artistry is currently taking bookings.

Email us

For prices and details:

Bride only booking: Bonita Bride package

Bridal party booking: Bonita Bridal Reinas package

"On your Wedding day, you should look like yourself, your most Bonita"

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