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How to create your prefect happiness

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, unsure of what's to come?

In these uncertain times, fear of the unknown is lurking around every corner. How can we see beyond this point? How can we feel happy, empowered, a sense of achievement or whatever it may be that we want to feel? What is the solution??

So many thoughts and emotions... It can feel all too much!

There is Hope! Finding your steps to thinking and feeling good exists!

Let's find them together, here are just a few of several ways.

Before we dive into them. This is my recommendations and I'll relate my story to them. This is not advice from a mental health professional.

Watch your thoughts

I know, it's easier said than done! But wait, if it's actively practised it'll become easier. Here's why practising listening to our thoughts will help.

Uno: It keeps us present to enjoy that moment more. Dos: It gives us the brainpower to solely focus on finding the solutions needed at that moment. Tres: It will also unveil any negative thought habits from popping in all the time.

Our minds race from past to future, from creating one scenario to another. But that can all stop if we practice watching out thoughts.

For more info on resources that will work a treat on attaining a peaceful mind and keeping you present, head to

Centerpointe has a course called Holosync. How does it work?

"Holosync calms the brain’s limbic system, enhances the prefrontal cortex, and creates changes in the brain’s electric activity, allowing the creation of meditative states, enhanced creativity, increased focus and concentration, increased willpower and ability to self-regulate behaviour, and many other beneficial mental and emotional capabilities."

Remember: If your mind is full of things to do, your emotions are feeling all over the place and anxiety hits, chances are your happiness will fly out the door.

Be grateful

If you find yourself thinking about what you don't have or that you'll be happy when you get (fill in the blank). Take a moment to refresh your mind with the things you already have, with the things you love or something that makes your laugh. This clip works a treat for me

Practising gratitude, compassion and mindfulness on a daily bases will bring overall joy into the everyday living. Coming across Hugh van Cuylenburg story was a huge eye-opener to how blessed we are

Treat yourself

Loving you, loving the skin you're in, is more powerful than what you may think. I was never happy with the way I looked growing up. I'd always want to look like someone else, as crazy as that may seem. This negative trail took me from unhappiness to depression. I realised appreciating myself, my face, my hair, my body is pinnacle to finding happiness and peace with yourself.

Why? It gives us confidence and a sense of belonging. Because the world is a better place with you!

Finding the true "me" has been my main thing for 5 years and in the last 2 years I'm feeling more free to be me and I love it. I'm on this beautiful journey of progression, there's never an ending point and never a dull moment.

For breaking through fears and incredible self-growth head to I've been attending sessions for the past 3 months. The results I've seen have boosted my confidence, making peace with fears and understanding who I am. It's bliss finding the freedom to be me. I'm walking proof of this working. Feel free to ask me any questions on this

Get active

How does getting active come into the equation of thinking positive and being happy? Research shows that fitness has more benefits than just physical ones. It does link in closely with health benefits of boosting blood circulation, muscular strength and lowering the risk of other health issues. However fitness has great mental benefits, it helps to empower happy and fulfilling emotions. After every workout, it's like you receive a gift, a gift of achievement and proving to yourself that "Yes, you can do it!". It also works as an awesome distraction from life difficulties- bonus!

I've been trying these out

I completed my 1st year here

Food energy

I love this saying "You are what you eat". Have you ever asked yourself "What is in my food?", "What's in the food that makes it last longer without it going off?", "How does it affect my body/health?" In a nutshell, food can be your energy or your enemy. I learnt this the hard way. Seeing my 3-month-old baby in pain had me feeling confused and frustrated. The doctors kept telling me she had eczema, we took her from one doctor after another but nothing they gave her helped. Thankfully we came across info that helped us find a natural solution. We found out that the preserves in the ingredients list- at the back of every product, could be harmful to our bodies. Digging a little deeper these preserves can lead to numerous issues.

Also with the new research on health and mental benefits from a plant-based lifestyle is life-changing once you try it. Do a little digging yourself

Ultimate happiness is in being present and appreciative in what you have, not what you will have.

How I can relate...

I’ve personally been through a journey of ups and downs. Feeling overwhelmed and fearing the worse. As a teen, I was in a very lonely and dark place. I felt it was me against the world and no one could understand.

Becoming a teen mum was a joy and a challenge, I learnt to grow up fast and putting myself second was top of the list.

Life for me was always one busy thing after another... at least it felt that way to me.

I’ve always loved a challenge. That sense of achievement re-energises me for the next new big thing. But there are times when the juggle of life turns into a struggle.

When this happens, I physically have to pull myself back from house chores, cooking dinner, and get into delegating mode. Pushing pause on all things that can wait and create a list of priorities starting with the most urgent. This list alone gives me a sensation of achievement. The list to me is a stress release and a shot of coffee to hit the ground running! Find yours by doing a small action that will give you a sense of achievement to propel you into your bigger tasks.

Another trick I use is: I take a moment to ask myself “What do I have right this minute that I appreciate?”, “Do I have all my needs?”, These questions and a moment of deep breathing give me a quick on-the-go reboot. Feel free to give it a try!

"You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"- Winnie The Pooh

For some extra interest here's a couple of more links to hit...

For mental strength and body endurance

For some interesting mind-blowing science info

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