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Lash & dash, with strip lashes

strip lashes and tools

Usually the word 'Lashes' and 'easy' rarely get put together in a sentence. I am here to make that possible for you by spilling artistry secrets and simplifying lash application for you to express your beauty, your own way!

First, here's what you'll need to make the application easy-breezy:

  • Magnifying mirror on a stand

  • Your table and chair in front of natural lighting

  • Duo or Ardell glue (recommended)

  • Small scissors

  • Spoolie or a clean and dry mascara wand

  • Lash Curler, especially if your lashes are straight/down-turned

Before putting on lashes it’s important to finish all your eye makeup steps.

Let’s get into the endless lash options you have to choose from.

It’s all about what suits your skills, timeframe, eye shape and desired look!
Who is this for?

Ideal for bonitas who want...

  • Quicker lash application with maximum volume

  • Lashes to look fuller or more dramatic

  • Full glam

  • If your eyeshape is hooded or close-set focus on short lash length and longer on the outer corners

Forget measuring the lashes! Minimise your lash application by cutting the lash into 3 equal parts.

Time for application: Strip Lashes

Uno: Finish your makeup look right down to your mascara. FYI if you have straight lashes, curl your lashes then pop on waterproof mascara to hold the curl in place (Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof doesn’t smudge/long-lasting and not clumpy).

Dos: Have your tools ready to go. Remove one lash strip off the tray using your thumbs to push the lash off the tray sideways. This makes sure your lash strip doesn’t break. Watch the video below to see the tricks.

Tres: Time to cut the strip lash to your eye length. Look down into the mirror match the inner end of the lash strip 2-3mm away from the beginning of your own inner corner lashes. If the strip lash ends exceeds your own outer corner lashes place your pointer finger there and remove it. That is the point of where you will cut your lash strip.

Cuatro: Place a small amount of glue on the back of your hand or on the tray. To avoid gluey mess I recommend using a lash glue that comes with an application brush. Slide a very small about of glue onto the lash band then wait 3-5 seconds. Aim to softly place your strip lash as close to your top lashline as possible starting from the outer corner and ending with the inner corner.

Cinco: Gently wiggle the lash strip closer to your lash line with your pointer and thumb. Check the position is accurate by looking straight ahead into your mirror.

Want to learn more?

For makeover lessons suited to your Bonita features,

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Makeup Lessons from the comfort of your own home. Zoom sessions available.

Life’s too short not to express your bonita features, your own way -Sarai

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