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Minimalist Makeup Must-haves

Whether you're stretched for time or you just don't want to spend a ton of time doing your makeup and yet still have top quality and longevity! This one is for you!

Here we'll go over all the must-haves to give you long-wearing makeup for all occasions in minimal products to keep your makeup routine easy.

Primer, primer on the wall, what's the best primer of them all?

Primer is your first step in your makeup routine. It has the proven power to hold your makeup throughout the whole day. Primer for your face, eyes and lips is known as a base to grip onto your makeup & keep it in place. It will also create a protective barrier to prevent your skin from drinking up the makeup- win-win!

Eye-shadow primer

Four amazing benefits: firstly prevents fall out, stops eye-shadow creasing, makes eye-shadow dreamy to blend out, and shows the eye-shadows true vibrant colours.

Lip Primer

Stops lipstick bleeding in it’s tracks, can create a fuller lip look, holds your lip products on for longer, and smooths your lip lines out! This is great if you have any issues with lipstick never staying on or lipstick bleeding- meaning it moves from the lips to the skin around the lip area.

Lash Primer

This can sound excesses but if you have ever struggled with mascara smudging- yes, even the waterproof ones! Then this will be your total game-changer, no joke. When I discovered this, it gave me the confidence to wear almost any mascara knowing that I wouldn't turn into a panda 🐼. Lash primer also holds the power to make your mascara look blacker, amplifies lift, and adds mountains of volume. ALSO, you can refresh lashes with the lash primer and layer on a fresh coat of mascara- say what?!

Now that you know the benefits here are some multi-use primer products

Tatcha Silk Canvas - liquid or cream
This goodie primes the whole face! Taking you from complexion- eyes- lips while also smoothing out skin, lightly colour corrector's your complexion and shielding it from product absorption with nourishing antioxidants and botanical ingredients. It's Skincare in Makeup!

Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Setting spray
Prime, Set + Refresh with a sweet coconut scent that has you feeling like you're in the Tropics 😍.

Secret tip:  Use this as a makeup eraser for tidying up your wing liner, just spray onto a cue tip and sweep using an outwards motion.

Skin-like Coverage

Key to flawless, undetectable and effortless looking coverage is in 1. Colour correcting concealer and 2. Finding the right foundation for you- of course after priming.

Why colour corrector?

It's like the saying goes... killing 2 birds with 1 stone. It will cut the time down from your makeup routine and have you applying less makeup!

Colour corrector has the power to banish blue, purple, brown, and green tones on the skin. For example under eye circles, sun spots, blemishes, and more. It has long been known as a makeup artist secret for achieving flawless coverage with little evidence of makeup.

How do you know if it's colour correcting? The concealer will have a very orange, pink or yellow tone when swatched on your hand. When this concealer is put under your eyes those unwanted purple, blue, green, or brown tones that you once saw have vanished and now your complexion looks brighter and refreshed. I'm promising once you find your shade you'll be HOOKED.

Laura Mericer Secret Camoflage ticks all the right boxes. It comes in a compact with two colour correcting concealers that you can use your fingers or a brush to apply. The two colour correcting concealers holds a yellow tone and a peach/orange tone which is completely adaptable throughout the year, say goodbye to changing up products in summer and winter!

Finding your Holy-Gail foundation

This can be tricky, especially if you don't know what to look for.

I highly recommend asking yourself these questions before diving in and buying!

Where will you be putting on your makeup? At home, in the car, in the gym bathroom? 
How do you like to apply it- fingers, brush, or beauty blender? 
How much time do you have to apply it? 
What coverage do I want? Full, Medium, Sheer? 
What finish do I like? Matte, Natural, Dewy?
What's my skin type? Oily, dry, combination (oily T-zone and dry cheeks), normal (not overly oily anywhere)? 
Do I have any skin concerns that I'd want coverage for? Covering blemishes, sunspots/pigmentation, pores, coverage that doesn't sit in facial lines? 

Once you're armed with your answers you can then go out into the wonderful online shopping world or head to a beauty store near you. The stunning girls at Mecca Cosmetica/ Mecca/ Mecca Maxima will help you narrow the thousands of options down to 1 or 2. They will ask you similar questions as above, so be ready for it!

"To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It's about knowing and accepting who you are." -Ellen Degenere

Set, for the best longevity!

Say Adios to setting powder that can make your skin look dry and dull.

Luckily for us, technology has come along way in beauty. We now have the power to choose from so many options catering to your skin and beauty desires. From translucent loose setting powders to pressed versatile setting powders, used for bronzing and highlighting. I know right, now we're spoilt for choice!

If you're wanting fewer products in your makeup bag with maximum quality and multi-use then definitely go for a pressed powder that you can use in multiple ways. I've even used them as eye-shadows!

What's the product??
Hourglass- Ambient lighting palette
Created to make your beauty routine simpler and your complexion effortlessly flawless! Firstly this powder never looks like powder!  You can layer this powder is different ways- the warmer shade can be used for bronzing, the lighter shade can be used for highlighting and middle shade for an all-over satin finish or you can use all 3 shades at once by swapping your brush from one side to the other. 

Joanna’s trick: Use it on your no-makeup days after skincare. It creates a soft filter effect, that smooths your complexion without any foundation or concealer- love!

Check out those cheeks!

It's that moment when you're complexion is complete with primer, foundation and concealer and now your face looks either pale or blank. The reason for that is all the undertones of your complexion have now been neutralised. No more visible rosy tones, under-eye circles, and uneven skin tones. But how do you get your coverage to look skin-like again minus the unwanted bites?

That's when we say Hola! to Bronzer, Blush, and highlighter. It's the icing on the cake.

What do they do?

Well, firstly we should start with a bronzer.

Bronzer mimics the sun-kissed glow we can get from the summer. This can be added to your cheeks or in a 3 shaped motion on the outer areas of your complexion.

Secondly highlighter, it gives us that lit from within glow and adds dimension to your complexion. Pop your highlighter on the high point of your cheeks.

Lastly, blush. Blush mimics the rosy flush of your complexion. Blush will also marry your bronzer and highlighter together so that they don't look like two floating lines. If you tend to just use bronzer, you'll see a world off a difference once you try out a blush that works for you- trust me!

I know what you could be thinking now "What blush colour should I get?"

Think about your skin tone and undertone. Are you a warm or cool undertone? 

If you have a warm undertone and you are a medium complexion you will suit peach blushes. 

If you're a warm undertone with a darker complexion you'll suit plum/ berry blushes.

If you have a fair complexion you'll suit rosy/ mauve blushes.

Pro tip: Match your blush to your favourite lipstick!

Here's a cheek palette to check out, this product has all 3 products and more! Bronzer, blush, and highlight.

Smashbox Cali Contour Palette

Ranging from contour to bronzer, to two different shades of shimmer highlighters, to a matte highlighter (great for under eyes) and a peach blush.

If your skin tone/undertone doesn't match this. Keep looking for a cheek palette that has at least a bronzer, blush and highlight in shades that work for your complexion. Test them out on your complexion before you buy it!

Eye makeup made easy

I am a strong believer in making the most out of what you already have since you did pay top dollar for it, so why not?

Here's where your cheek palette or setting powder palette can come in handy. These can be used for eye-shadow, especially your cheek palette.

Here's how to make it happen!

Blush can be used all over your eyelids and blended out at the crease, then add bronzer to your crease for added depth, and along your lower lash line for definition. Grab your highlighter shade to add a pop of shimmer and brightness to the inner corner of your eyes and Voila!

1 Product Wonders....

Eyeliner: One brown or black eye pencil can be used in more ways than just eyeliner. You can use it all over your eyelids as a base for your smokey eye look or a soft smudgy liner look for day-time wear or make it glam with a wing liner look and lastly you can use it to create more depth to your eye crease. That's 4 ways of using 1 eyeliner pencil.

Lashes: Want voluminous, long and lifted lashes? Always curl your lashes 1st. A lash curler is a mascaras perfect partner. Lash curlers are especially essential if you have straight or turned-down lashes (that's my life struggle).

Get Glam: Night-time makeover or Special Occasion? No, problemo! Liquid glitter eye-shadow can turn any day look straight into a glamorous makeover in a few minutes with only 1 step. It's my secret tool that takes up minimal space and you can also just use your fingers to blend it out. One of my fave's is Too Faced Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in the shade Macchiato Madness 💖

Brows? Let's not forget that brows frame your gorgeous face! Brow gel is super handy and on-the-go friendly. I would also include either a brow powder or pencil to give a little fill in before the brow gel, that way the brow gel will give subtle dimension for that oh-so-naturally-filled-in brows!

Luscious Lips

Whoops... I've done my whole face but forgot about my lips!

This is me 99% of the time. Lip gloss/ tinted lip balm saves the day, every time! But of course, there are special occasions where this just doesn't make the cut. That's when your lip liner steps into do the heavy lifting- she's the Superhero. Your lip liner is your lip glosses, lip balms, tinted lip oils BFF.

The lip liner will create perfect definition, stop bleeding from happening, add colour, and hold your product for longer.

You can also use liquid lipstick and match that up with a lip gloss to fit your needs.

Your Beauty, Your Makeup, Your Way

Makeup is a form of expression. How do you want others to see you? For too long I would hid behind buckets of makeup, and bright coloured eye-shadows because I thought that would make me look and feel beautiful.

Remember this, your features already have beauty in them just enhance them with the amount of makeup that defines you.

At the end of the day, you should choose the products that work solely for you, instead of what worked for (insert their name here). Because you're not her!

If you loved what you read, and want to hear more from me subscribe by clicking here, leave a comment on what you loved and what you'd like to hear more of.

I look forward to reading your comments and creating more content for you!

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