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Breaking Skin Care Myths!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Here we're going to tackle some top skincare myths that somehow have become gospel truth.

When it comes to finding out what to do and where to start with skincare, there is a never-ending stream of skincare advice floating everywhere. It can be so overwhelming, difficult and even down-right frustrating... I can relate🙋🏽‍♀️.

When it comes to having a skincare routine, what can often happen is either 1) Give up and do nothing- maybe use soap in the shower or 2) Give in to the "best" & "most popular" products that are trending- just because they love it doesn't mean it'll be right for you.

Remember it's not about "them", it's about You! Your skin, your concerns, your lifestyle and your preferences. After all, it's your money that's being spent.

We are here to empower, so let's debunk skin care myths right now!.

Breaking MYTH: My skins oily, oily skin doesn't need moisturizer, especially not oil!

Quite the opposite, those with oily skin are the ones that need moisturizer the most. If you find that your skin is oily, your skin may be working overtime to produce oils because you lack moisture. This happens because your skin sensors communicate to tell your skin glands to produce more oils. Your skin needs oils since it's feeling dry and tight. A lightweight moisturizer or a "drying" oil will help to keep your skin hydrated, balanced, nourished and protected. It will also feel comfortable, not greasy. Once you start using it, your skin will thank you for it and you won't want to stop. You'll see your skin looking more balanced, and feeling it too. Your skin will even produce fewer oils. It's a win-win!

Breaking MYTH: Pimples need to be dried out to have clear skin.

It's common to want to hit the shops for a one-hit-wonder. That one product that's going to give you flawless skin overnight! Sorry to break it to you but there's no such thing. Truth is what you put in, is what you get out.

Sadly spot treatments are usually the culprit for causing more skin problems. Skin reactions are a never-ending cycle too- once you've reacted to a product, the skin's uppermost layer is compromised, giving way to the potential for even more problems. Such as dryness, itchiness, red irritated skin, more blemishes, and sensitivity. These are just a few ways your skin shows you it doesn't agree with the formulation. Remember you only have one epidermis in your life!

To achieve clear skin think about treating your skin with care and ease it into new products/ ingredients that are results-driven. For clear skin you want to focus your attention on products such as a chemical exfoliator- this dissolves dead skin cells. This is so important because it will prevent the blockage of pores, and preventing blemishes from forming.

Another ingredient is salicylic acid, highly effective in clearing spots and blackheads because it exfoliates within the pore.

Breaking MYTH: I have sensitive skin, so I can't use skincare products.

Firstly, what is sensitive skin? It's not a skin type. All skin types can experience sensitivity, from oily skin- dry. Sensitivity is a skin concern. Sensitive skin is a way to say you have "heightened" skin sensitivity, meaning it easily reacts to some irritants. Often skin gets irritated to detergents, certain skincare products, and environmental factors like; heat, coldness, wind, rain, and sun.

With that said, everyone should look after their skin with skincare suited to them.

We are spoilt for choice with so many brands and products out there. I'm sure there is one that would suit you perfectly. Don't be afraid to go and find it! But I understand it can be super tricky knowing where to start.

Here are some helpful products/ ingredients to look out for to kickstart you:

  • A gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. Use products that have soothing and moisturizing ingredients, such as Lactic acid, Papaya, pumpkin and pineapple enzymes.

  • Essential fatty acids and ceramides will strengthen the skin barrier, making it stronger to defend itself. Look out for Vitamin E, it hydrates by strengthening the barrier of your skin.

  • Use hypoallergenic products with no added fragrances- natural or synthetic.

  • I recommend sticking to 1 brand with minimal products to start. In case of a reaction, you'll be able to determine what you might be sensitive to rather than using lots of products from different brands.

  • And lastly always, always moisturize. Moisturiser is like your clothing. Surely you wouldn't leave the house without clothes on, right?

Breaking MYTH: Natural skincare doesn't give you results.

First of all, what is natural skincare? Natural skincare in its true essence is skincare that has a large % of botanically derived ingredients in it. Also, "Natural" skincare could mean something totally different from me- you, just because that terminology is so vague.

In the natural skincare realm, there is organic skincare, botanical-based and best of both worlds- botanical and conventional, meaning that few natural ingredients are used.

Natural skincare brands can be highly effective in giving you results depending on their ingredients list and how it's been formulated. Keep a lookout for brands that have the science to back it up, have the research into how and why it is effective.

Check out: Juice Beauty, it's certified organic and believes by formulating with antioxidant and vitamin-rich botanical juice base, which gives active results.

Breaking MYTH: Using water to wash your face is all you need to do.

As much as I wish this was true, unfortunately, water won't cut it. Water can't break down the glue that skin creates to hold dead skin cells together. Water also doesn't have the power to mix in with your natural skin produced oils to clean out pores. And lastly, water doesn't take makeup off, especially long-wearing makeup.

However, if you have a dry skin type and you've done an active night-time skin routine then the morning after you could choose to rinse your face with water. I've read Kristen Bell recommending this step.

Breaking MYTH: Use pore strips to get rid of blackheads.

Let's have a moment to think about what happens to your skin after the strip has come off and pulls those blackheads out? Will the pores automatically reduce in size? Will the strip minimize the pores?

Sadly pore strips just remove with force but don't actually give any skin care treatment or result besides pores exposed to becoming clogged with whatever else you choose to put on top.

If you're wanting to tackle pores/ blackheads this will need some patience (because it won't happen overnight) and persistence (routine is key).

To get results you'll want to use a chemical exfoliator with salicylic acid and incorporate retinol and witch hazel into your regime.

- Chemical Exfoliator will dissolve the glue that holds the dead skin cells together.

- Salicylic acid cleans out the pores.

- Retinol speeds up the skin turnover meaning you'll have softer, smoother skin.

- Witch Hazel is known for its ability to give the appearance of tightened pores.


Breaking MYTH: Face wipes get all your makeup off

It might look like it's taking it off, but what's left behind is what counts.

Unfortunately, makeup wipes don't have the power to gently and effectively cleanse skin without stripping it of its good, naturally made oils. Stripping your skin exposes your skin to pathogens and evaporates your skin's moisture.

Looking at the ingredient list of facial wipes, it's hard to know what they actually are. Most facial wipes are made out of surfactants, solubilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oils, alcohol and more. Some of these ingredients range from being used in household cleaning agents. While these actually help remove the makeup, they may expose you to unnecessary damage to your skin. There are too many questionable and harmful ingredients in facial wipes that out weight the convenience of using it.

Definitely check out EWG's Skin Deep site to search up what's in your facial wipes and how they can bring your skin much more harm than good.

Instead of thinking what's the latest hyped skincare, think about what is best for You; your skin type, your lifestyle, the time that you have to commit to a regime and also what's going to feel fun and rewarding to You.

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