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Speedy Skincare Routine

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

5 Skincare steps with product recommendations for dreamy skin-results in minimal time!

This is for anyone who is busy, wants a fuss-free routine, but still wants to see their skin transform. Whether your skin is excessively oily , too dry or looking lifeless. These quick skincare steps will bring hydration and glow.

With a background in beauty since 2006 and 7 years in the retail beauty space. We have seen a wide variety of different skin types, concerns and personal preferences. We have helped many people find their personalised go-to's and achieve their skin dreams.

Most of the time it is easy to get lost in the different skincare options, from brands to products. Finding the best products to suit you can easily become a chore of filtering through endless products, or settling for a zero-routine which consists of cleansing with water and nothing else.

Our main focus is keeping it simple, yet feel achieve by utilising our speedy skincare steps to reach your skin goals.

Cleanse - to remove the unnecessaries

Double-cleanse, it's a thing!

Double cleanse if you have been wearing SPF or makeup. Start with Cleansing Oil/ Cleansing balm as your first step in cleansing. This step will take most of your makeup/spf off gently without over-rubbing, irritating or drying-out your skin.

This step means you have permission to kick your makeup wipes to the curb. Makeup wipes are usually the culprit for excessive breakouts and other skin irritations.

Cleansing foam/ Cleansing gel/ Cleansing milk (any cleanser which has water as its main ingredient).

This step is following your cleansing oil. Unless you haven’t been wearing spf or makeup (for example in the mornings). This cleansing step will take the last bits of remaining makeup off, remove excess oils and dirt.

If your skin feels dry immediately after cleansing, your cleanser is removing your good skin oils. Stop and use a cleansing milk or cream (for a gentiler cleanse).

Toner - to reveal glow and more

With toners there are many benefits (depending on the products ingredients). To name a few benefits, toner provides: smoother skin, maximising makeup longevity, clear blemishes- and the list goes on.

Apply your toner with a cotton round to wipe around your complexion, avoid your eye area.

Note: you may feel a tingling/prickly feeling come over your complexion (or just in a certain area) for a few minutes. If a burning sensation is felt rinse your complexion with water (water deactivates the ingredients), stop using this product and seek your doctor advice.

"Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin" -unknown

Serum- the filling in your burger

Serums help in many ways, much like the toner. However, using a serum can bring deeper hydration to your complexion where the toner helps pave the way for the serum to be accepted into the skin. Serums can also strengthen the skin to protect itself from environmental stressors, which cause irritation and/or blemishes.

Moisturiser- your protector

Think of how a jacket protects you from the harsh winter wind and rain. Your moisturiser is does this for your skin. Your moisturiser doesn’t proved as much skin results as your serum and toner. Its main job is to be the protector of your skin, shielding it from the environment and keeping your skins hydration locked in.

Your skin speaks

Listening to your skin an important way to finding out what works for you. If your skin isn't feeling happy (if it feels tight, dry, irritated) by a product. Stop using it straight away. The product may be too aggressive for you or you may be using the product too often for your skins needs. Treat your skin with care by gradually introducing new products. Add one product at a time, listen to its response for at least a month before adding to your routine.

Want to learn how to build your skincare routine?

Our Bonita Beauty Routine package is the solution to short-cut through all the skincare confusion for personalised skincare. Here's to manifesting your skincare dreams!

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