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Celebrate life each and every day as it's a blessing, I must say!


Being a part of your awesome life celebrations makes it all worth it!

Here's a peek into the joys we shared with our bonitas...


“Sarai is extremely professional and provides the most calming relaxing experience, she made my wedding day just that extra bit more special by giving me the most beautiful makeup look!” 


Ruby Freeman


Ciara, 2019

My biggest fear before working with Sarai was that my acne (which was quite full on at the time) would not be able to be covered up and still look natural. I had thoughts that Sarai would probably have to tell me that my skin was too bad and I wasn't allowed to be part of the Bonita shoot. But to my amazement and most wonderful surprise, she quickly worked her magic and never once commented on my skin unless I asked her for advice. As an empathetic person Sarai obviously understood that it can be quite a scary, sensitive topic, and I really appreciated that.


My favourite part was how relaxed and fun the whole process was. It really felt like when I was younger and with my friends or sisters, we would mess around doing each other's makeup, except with the added bonus that Sarai is incredibly talented and just seems to have this way of putting people at ease. As someone who doesn't wear makeup often, and usually doesn't know where to start when it comes to brushes and colour pigments it was awesome to finally know what some of the things that work for me are.


The best part was that the look we created was done together, Sarai let me have input into how I wanted it to be, even though a heavier coverage might have looked better over the acne or whatever - she let me be me. 

If I was to recommend Sarai to a best friend I would say that they have no choice in the matter because Sarai is absolutely flawless and I couldn't fault a single thing about her work. Having a genuine person who is concerned about how you feel on the inside and who wants to empower you is the best thing you could ever ask for when it comes to makeup and feeling your best. 


Tarren, 2020

As a mum of 3, it is very rare for me to wear makeup often. If I do it’s normally very little of everything - concealer, foundation, powder and mascara with a little lippie. I often admire the way ladies apply their makeup and especially the eyeshadow art but can never get it right.
Personally I love a natural glow of makeup on my face. Not too heavy where I feel uncomfortable and conscious about the makeup I have on my face. Early in the year I attended a wedding and being part of the retinue we had our make up professionally done and it was a nightmare for me. I looked so artificial and felt so overdone I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

Going into this shoot I felt a little nervous but that emotion was short-lived after I sat in the chair and relaxed for my makeover. I was pleasantly surprised with my face looking almost identical to the look I had chosen and yet felt light in my face as though I had barely any makeup on. WOW!

I felt so natural and so beautiful. Sarai is so unique in her application and pays attention to detail with each client when you sit in her chair. She is always so calm, professional and her work ethic is impeccable. The layout of products is so organised, neat and tidy but most important hygienically taken care of.

So proud to be an ambassador of this art.

I am a proud friend, to see how far Sarai has come. Persistence, perseverance and her passion for art are admirable and her quality of work is outstanding.
Working with Sarai is always pleasurable.

My highlight was definitely the reveal.


Charisse, 2020

My biggest fear before working with Sarai, if any, was the fear that I would be too under-prepared for the shoot. I found that when I met up with her and the girls for the first website photo-shoot, I was greeted and found so warmly by members of her family who showed me nothing but warmth much as you get from Sarai herself. Her professionalism combined with her kindness and genuine interest in you as a person quickly shut down the worries in my head. She is such an amazing and understanding person and communicator - not only is it an honour to be a Bonita for her brand but it is an honour to know and learn from a person like her in my life. 


Sarai believes in accentuating natural beauty, that is bringing the beauty that is already within you - out onto the surface. She thinks about helping each one of us get in touch with our inner beauty, that is through the quality conversations she seems to have with ease with the people she works with and her intuition to see beyond the surface level when it comes to others. My worries were shut down easily as Sarai is quite well prepared and is an amazing problem solver too. It is always so encouraging watching her work her craft. And you can’t help but feel empowered after a session with her every time. 


Sarai awesome, I love every part of working with her. And my favourite parts are seeing her be a lady boss on-set and off-set, it encourages me to chase after my dreams and each interaction with her is always quality.

Sarai is easy to talk to, knows how to make someone look good, and cares about getting your skin in the best state you can before applying any make-up for any look. The experience does not only make you feel pampered but is highly educational and curated to you, you'll find beneficial information to guide your own walk with beauty than just any normal makeup application.


Sarai seeks to provide quality experiences and seeks to empower every woman she comes across. When I work with Sarai - I feel beautiful in any picture that is being taken of me it doesn’t matter what side, and I feel confident that I won’t look like someone who I’m not. It puts a pep in my step and helps me to step more boldly into myself.


Siposetu, 2020

Being told not to bring my own foundation was nerve-wracking as I was afraid that the foundation that Sarai had would either be too light or too dark for my skin complexion.

Prior to the appointment, she had asked me about my skin type and all the information needed regarding what foundation I use and prefer. What I feared most did not happen as she had the right shade that matched my skin perfectly.

My favourite part was how informative she was, especially when she was doing my makeup. She taught me about what she was applying and why. She gave me great tips that I still apply today.

I would say you are the right makeup artist as you know how to interpret the clients desired makeup look. You also pay close attention to details. The greatest skill is communicating with the client and working with them during the process.


Lourdes, 2020

Prior to working with Sarai, I had my doubts and worries as I wanted a more balanced and natural look, nothing too drastic or too little done. Although, coming to the day I felt nervous Sarai had worked her magic. I looked and felt very beautiful and elegant. My face felt light and fresh with a very natural look. I was absolutely pleased with how my makeup was done and would not have it any other way.

Working with Sarai was very fun and exciting. She made my bridesmaids and I feel at home with lots of laughter and joy. We were very comfortable and relaxed when getting ready. The morning was wonderful and would absolutely recommend Sarai. She will definitely look after you and your skin while doing an amazing job.


I couldn't be any happier with the way things turned out and I know my girls were absolutely happy with how their makeup was done. Thank you, Sarai, for making me feel and look like a beautiful bride.

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