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Harmonise your

inner and outer beauty.


"It's all about embracing the expression of your beauty, your look, your way, it's what makes you feel beautiful and confident!"
~ Sarai Ndaba, Founder 

Buenos Dias!

Bonita Artistry is all about embracing the expression of your beauty, your look, your way. It’s about what makes you feel beautiful and confident and not what society portrays “beauty” to be.


Growing up in Auckland...

Growing up in Auckland in the early ’90s when it wasn’t as culturally diverse as now. I was so different from how I looked to what I brought in my lunch box, it was so out-of-the-ordinary. Since then I’ve realised beauty is found in being uniquely different.

That's exactly why...

Creating Bonita Artistry is about Empowering the expression of whole beauty in every woman. I am here to break the norm, to embrace and capture women’s individuality.


It's all about you!

What does this mean? Instead of me telling you what makeup I’ll do on you and what looks good on you without any explanation, I turn the tables around and listen to you.

We will talk about what you want, what your lifestyle is and also what would enhance your facial features. I'll confirm the outcome with you and come to an agreement on what look will be achieved. I'm here to embrace every woman to wear makeup her own way!

Check out our testimonials!

What our bonitas say!


“Joanna is extremely professional and provides the most calming relaxing experience, she made my wedding day just that extra bit more special by giving me the most beautiful makeup look!” 


Ruby Freeman

I want you!

I absolutely love helping girls and women look stunning on their special day. May it be your exciting high school ball, your oh so surreal wedding or if you're looking for a 1on1 workshop to learn how to do your own makeup to fit your lifestyle and routine!


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